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Alex Kidd in High Tech World

From: Gam09Bo07  (more)     Date: 2001-05-21
Comments: Ah, the worst of the bad games on the Master System. This cart is pure crap with a capital 'A'. Alex Kidd was never a great series to begin with (sorry, but it's true), and then they go and make it worse with this trash. And me, being the smart one I am, bought it. The graphics suck, the premise blows, and the controls are stiff. To top it off is the worst story in the history of electronic gaming. He wants to go to the arcade, but needs a map to get there, and that map is torn in eight different pieces and spread throughout the area? Just searching blindly for the arcade woulda been more fun and more of a story in itself. I mean, this isn't Final Fantasy, but c'mon. It gets a 2 only because Sega had the guts to put this horse shit on the market, and that deserves Something.


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Comments CAPTCHA fixed (after 5 years)

2019-12-24 07:20:27

Thanks to a fine user who notified me that the CAPTCHA image was just broken text so one could no longer review games.

This is now fixed. This ancient website continues to exist, sorry internet.


Analogue Mega SG Power Base Converter

2019-03-27 20:08:53

Here lies the 2nd update in over a decade.

The Mega SG came out, including a ton of reviews.

No one seemed to test it with the Power Base Converter though.

Since I modded mine in the 90s to fit a Genesis Model 2, i thought I'd test it out. Turns out it works just fine, including Sega Cards. A few more photos on imgur.


Sort games by ratings

2015-02-21 12:20:09

Wow, I updated the site after almost 10 years. Simple page that lists games by ratings!


Average Game Ratings added

2006-08-30 22:23:23

I've added a quick little thing to show the average rating of all games in the games list! This also shows up on the game page itsself. Also, there's a count on the front page on how many spam-bot posts have been prevented since CAPTCHA was implemented.


More user comments on front page

2006-08-21 13:11:22

I've added it to show the last 3 days worth of comments, instead of just the last one. It also now shows the total number of comments added, instead of the total number of games that received comments.

Also, when you click on one of the comment links from the Recent Comments box, it will take you right to the comment.


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